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Anatomy of a Successful Technology Assignment

Integrating technology into an assignment – for example, a digital story, Web-based or digital essay, or GIS project – can present challenges, but it can also be highly rewarding for students. Such assignments can inspire students to express their ideas in a creative, personal way, can engage the students fully in producing high-quality work for […]


A Student Driven Documentary Film

Stories of the Susquehanna is a long-term research project that utilizes digital scholarship to share stories of our region focused on and around the Susquehanna River. The short documentary film Stories of the Susquehanna: Utopian Dreams was initiated by Professor Alfred Siewers as a continued research and interest of the region. Professor Siewers and his […]


Digital Stories of Identity

“I love the process of digital story creation. These stories force you to reflect on your life journey. Digital stories are really empowering tools of discovery and students can illuminate this in a multi-modal way using images, audio, text, and beyond. You really are drawn into the student’s important moments of change and emotion is […]

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The Moodle Assignment Activity

If you assign written essays for a course, one of the challenges is figuring out how students will submit those essays to you. You could have the students submit paper copies, but then you need to keep track of when the students submitted the essays to you, and you need to remember to bring the […]