Partial Demonstration - Restore Moodle Course Backup

Partial Demonstration – Moodle Backup and Restore

Now that we have two Moodle servers – the Main Moodle Server and the Moodle Archive Server – there are two different ways of copying Moodle content from a past course to a current course: The Import Course process that allows you to bring content from one course currently on the Main Moodle Server to another course […]

Course List Module

How Do I Find My Current Moodle Courses?

When we upgraded our Moodle server to version 2.8, we also chose a new theme that gives more prominence to course content. Our previous theme had three columns – two narrow columns on the right and left, and a central column for course content. Our new theme eliminates one of those columns. The main column […]

Link - Production Server to Archive Server

Where Have All the (Past Moodle) Courses Gone?

In order to improve the performance of the main Moodle server, reduce the database size, and make it easier for students and faculty to find current courses, we created two Moodle servers: Our main Moodle Server – – contains the following course categories: Community Sites (Departments, Organizations, etc.) Entering Students (Academic Responsibility Orientation, First-Year […]

After Effects

Brianna Healey Derr Takes on After Effects

ITEC’s, Brianna Healey Derr, traveled to DC this past week looking forward to her long awaited After Effects course. She received her Certificate of Completion in Introductory After Effects from Future Media Concepts. After Effects is a motion graphics program that involves keyframing, tracking, and animating text and objects. “After Effects is where you go […]